Marina talking about Brexit

Marina Hyde is my favourite Guardian columnist and quite possibly one of the funniest persons alive. She doesn’t normally do TV or radio but now she’s on Today in Focus and I can actually hear her talking about Brexit & stuff and OMG I’m having a fanboy moment here.

[Today in Focus] Marina Hyde on five years of watching the political circus

AfD scandals, leftist coalition dreams, and Germany’s thoughts on Brexit: three links I liked

AfD scandals, leftist coalition dreams, and Germany's thoughts on Brexit: three links I liked 1

The co-leader of the right-wing populist “Alternative for Germany” finally admits that the received assistance from a Swiss media agency (in German). The price tag? About €90,000. Find the juicy details here (in German) or read my short summary of the many AfD scandals. Sarah Wagenknecht was one of the main obstacles to a closer…

Video: the radical right & 4 critical elections in Western Europe in 2017

AfD results in 2017 federal election in Germany (map of districts)

As (West) European election years go, 2017 was quite something. The French party system changed beyond recognition. The radical right entered Germany’s national parliament for the first time. UKIP was wiped out, but May still managed to lose a comfortable majority. And very high fragmentation resulted in a coalition that looks improbable even by Dutch standards.

SCoRE is our multinational project that explores the link between local and regional living conditions on the one hand and radical right attitudes and behaviours in these four countries on the other. Sometimes, serendipity is really a thing. Because we had our individual-level data collection scheduled for this year anyway, we gained some unique insights into all four big Western European elections of 2017.

Accordingly, my colleagues have written up reports for France, Germany, the Netherlands, and the UK, complete with beautiful maps. Who does not like maps?

But perhaps you’re pressed for time or not sure if you really want to read four (fairly short) reports? With the European Parliamentary elections on the horizon, I made a short explainer/teaser video about them to bring you up to speed in just over two minutes. I have a hunch that afterwards, you will want to read all four pieces.

Democracy, extremism, the AfD, and Brexit’s colonial roots: 4 links I liked

Democracy, extremism, the AfD, and Brexit's colonial roots: 4 links I liked 2

An Economist study finds that the quality of democracy is highest in Australia, Canada, and Scandinavia. No big surprise here. Time to move? You may have heard that a prominent member of the AfD was physically attacked in Bremen, which the AfD managed to put all over social media. The police say the initial account…

Journalologists, AI, Brexit literature, and right-wing terrorism: four links I liked

Brexit is depressing, but the the #LiteraryBrexit tag on twitter is hilariousThere are scientists who use the scientific method to study how science journals work. And their work is actually relevant.Interesting, yet depressing reading: a fact-file on right-wing terrorism in GermanyToday’s AI is not intelligent. Thought so

Italy, the UK, Sweden, and Russia paying for AfD flights: four European crisis links I liked

Italy, the UK, Sweden, and Russia paying for AfD flights: four European crisis links I liked 3

Why did the Italian President use a half-forgotten constitutional power to veto Paolo Savona’s appointment as finance minister? Here is why. FAZ: Russia paid 25,000 Euro charter for a private plane for former leader Petry & two other AfD politicians’ visit An unnamed EU official said that the UK’s Brexit negotiators are chasing a fantasy.…