ME at the Margins: Average Marginal Effects, Marginal Effects at the Mean, and Stata’s margins command

Seems that my students and I are not the only ones who are occasionally baffled by Stata’s margins command, which does all sorts of amazing things. Margins is incredibly powerful, and the accompanying marginsplot command almost always does just the right thing. These commands come with excellent documentation, but at a mere 58 pages (not…

3 reasons why the war against Ukraine matters less for the German far right than you would think

Or something along those lines: listen to me rambling on about Russia, German right-wing populism, and the AfD.

In my defence, it was supposed to be an interview, but then the person just to the left of the camera declined to ask any further questions and just smiled encouragingly until I ran out of steam. Click here for a slightly more coherent writeup and the reference for the full article.

I am an andrologist now

It looks like my career in cardiology is already over, and urology is so last year. But boys! I’m back in the business of bothering with your bits, buggering your bottoms, and beholding your bollocks. In other words: enough with the ‘b’, I am an andrologist now. Greetings of the day indeed. Thankfully, I am…