Kai Arzheimer



I am professor of Political Science at the University of Mainz.

My main research interests are the comparative analysis of micro data and comparative political sociology,elections and electoral behaviour, Extreme Right / Radical Right / Populist Right parties in Europe, German Politics, and Research Methods and the Sociology of Knowledge.


  • Media: I regularly comment on German and European parties and their voters, and on political extremism
  • Research Methods: I have been teaching methods, statistics and software in academic settings since 1996 and offer consultancy and in-house seminars



Latest research video:

The Radical Right Bibliography: Spring 2020 update
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From the blog

Shrove Monday in Academia

How it started It’s no secret that Mainz is a carnival hot spot. Shrove Monday, the day of the biggest parade and the most frantic celebrations, is a de facto public holiday in the city. But the de facto bit is important here: the city can’t make it a proper holiday, yet nobody who can…


Ein moralisches Komplettversagen – Über die Rezeption von Leni Riefenstahl by von Christina Dongowski (54books.de)

von Christina Dongowski
In den deutschsprachigen Feuilletons wird alle paar Jahre neu verhandelt, wie inakzeptabel es ist, sich mehr oder weniger affirmativ zu Nazi-Ästhetik, ihren Vertreter:innen und ihrem xten Aufguss zu verhalten. 2020 waren es die Juden-Witzchen von Lisa Eckart, ein im Retro…


In the End, the Trump Presidency Was a Failure on Its Own Terms (honestgraft.com)

The most surprising political development of the 21st century was that Donald Trump became president of the United States. The least surpris…