Kai Arzheimer



I am professor of Political Science at the University of Mainz.

My main research interests are the comparative analysis of micro data and comparative political sociology,elections and electoral behaviour, Extreme Right / Radical Right / Populist Right parties in Europe, German Politics, and Research Methods and the Sociology of Knowledge.


  • Media: I regularly comment on German and European parties and their voters, and on political extremism
  • Research Methods: I have been teaching methods, statistics and software in academic settings since 1996 and offer consultancy and in-house seminars



Latest research video:

The Radical Right Bibliography: Spring 2020 update
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From the blog

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German men like stem-cell research, gene-editing. Abortion? Not so much

Men are more positive about (some) reproductive science and technology than women Here is a by-catch finding from my recent article on the micro-foundations of the two-worlds theory of moral policy (full article, ungated). In the article, I look at the effect of a) party identification, b) religiosity, and c) political secularism (a desire for…


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Large parts of the GOP are nominally opposed to big government. But they have done nothing to stop the growth of ever more armed police forces – on the contrary. This long read about law enforcement in the US is worrying, but also quite fascinating from a political/administrative science point of view. Over the last…