Kai Arzheimer



I am professor of Political Science at the University of Mainz.

My main research interests are the comparative analysis of micro data and comparative political sociology,elections and electoral behaviour, Extreme Right / Radical Right / Populist Right parties in Europe, German Politics, and Research Methods and the Sociology of Knowledge.


  • Media: I regularly comment on German and European parties and their voters, and on political extremism
  • Research Methods: I have been teaching methods, statistics and software in academic settings since 1996 and offer consultancy and in-house seminars



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From the blog

The Radical Right Bibliography: Spring 2020 update
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  • MLDP: the internationalist boys are back in town
    Everyone who cares about German elections is very excited by now, because it’s just over a week until election day. And I realise that I have not blogged about this election at all. One reason is that I have not set up a poll aggregator this time round. There are enough better-run sites doing this […]
  • What we are reading: Causal Effects on Mainstream Parties’ Positions
    Does radical right success lead to mainstream re-positioning? Radical right parties have existed for decades now, but most of them are still seen as challengers, because they aim to disrupt the (liberal democratic) consensus in their respective societies. Existing parties can react by digging their heels in, or by accommodation. As I have argued elsewhere, […]
  • What we are reading: Do PRR Parties Improve Representation?
    Something good in everything? Could radical right-wing populism be a (whispers) good thing? Of course it all depends on what we mean by “good”. Backlund and Jungar have a modest proposal: they suggest that radical right success could improve the representation of policy preferences in parliament. Using data from both expert and voter surveys in […]