Kai Arzheimer



I am professor of Political Science at the University of Mainz.

My main research interests are the comparative analysis of micro data and comparative political sociology,elections and electoral behaviour, Extreme Right / Radical Right / Populist Right parties in Europe, German Politics, and Research Methods and the Sociology of Knowledge.


  • Media: I regularly comment on German and European parties and their voters, and on political extremism
  • Research Methods: I have been teaching methods, statistics and software in academic settings since 1996 and offer consultancy and in-house seminars



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From the blog

The Radical Right Bibliography: Spring 2020 update
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  • Three links I liked (although one makes me sad)
    I’m sad to hear that Ronald Inglehart has died. Hero worshipping is worse than useless, and great man/woman theories are just very bad sociology of knowledge. Having said that, Inglehart had an impact on the field of comparative political sociology that is hard to overestimate. He was enormously productive, and his work is cited far […]
  • What we are reading: Radical Right voters’ motives in Eastern and Western Europe
    Is anti-immigration sentiment behind the radical right vote in all of Europe? It’s been a mere three decades since 1990, or as we old-timers are prone to say, a generation. But for some (cough) Europeanists, the CEE countries are still either terra incognita or just an extension of their western counterparts. While much of the […]
  • The Far Right Bibliography: the second pandemic (aka spring 2021) update
    The Radical Right bibliography has been updated. As of April 2021, it lists more than a thousand titles on radical right parties and their supporters. Click here to see what’s new.