Kai Arzheimer



I am professor of Political Science at the University of Mainz.

My main research interests are the comparative analysis of micro data and comparative political sociology,elections and electoral behaviour, Extreme Right / Radical Right / Populist Right parties in Europe, German Politics, and Research Methods and the Sociology of Knowledge.


  • Media: I regularly comment on German and European parties and their voters, and on political extremism
  • Research Methods: I have been teaching methods, statistics and software in academic settings since 1996 and offer consultancy and in-house seminars



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Extremism & the German police, disinformation in the UK, nativism & populism, and the most useful podcast ever: 4 links I liked

In Germany, these problems have been under-estimated, under-reported, and outright downplayed for a very long time: Elite German Police Unit Was Crawling With Far-Right ‘Preppers’ Gearing Up for a Race War If you are worried about the effect of disinformation on democracy, the UK is a very scary place right now: Google bans eight different Tory […]

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Neuwahl der AfD-Spitze: Interview mit dem Handelsblatt

Mit Dietmar Neuerer vom Handelsblatt habe ich ein langes Gespräch über die Neuwahl des AfD-Bundesvorstands geführt. Dabei ging es auch um die Rolle Alexander Gaulands.

A vast majority of Germans sees the AfD as a right-wing extremist party

A vast majority of Germans sees the AfD as a right-wing extremist party

For the radical right in Europe, Alternative for Germany is an increasingly unusual case In a recent paper published in JCMS, I argue that unlike other German far-right parties, the “Alternative for Germany party” (AfD) managed to avoid being associated with Nazism. The strong presence of establishment figures that previously were (or could have been) members […]