How does the Far Right end up in government? And do Far Right governments make a difference?

Jörg Haider 04-09-2008

How it started: far right governments as an exception A decade or two ago, far right governments were a rarity in Europe. Of course, there were the Berlusconi governments of the 1990s and early 2000s that included the radical right Lega (then still the Lega Nord) and the post-fascist Alleanza Nazionale, i.e. the rebranded MSI.…

Das Handelsblatt über das Zerwürfnis zwischen RN und AfD

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Mit dem Handelsblatt habe ich ausführlich über die Hintergründe des öffentlich ausgetragenen Streits zwischen dem Rassemblement National und der AfD (bzw. Krah) gesprochen. Der Artikel ist momentan nicht hinter einer Paywall.

The normalisation and destigmatisation of the radical right in Europe (

I somehow missed this excellent interview with Vicente Valentim on his research into the dynamics of the radical right’s normalisation in Europe, but nearly two years later, it has become even more relevant. Reading it is well worth your time and attention.