Jan 182022
SCoRE and the geography of radical right resentment in Germany

The good folks at Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin have invited me for a talk about our ORA project on subnational contexts and the Radical Right in general, and some findings on the German case in particular. Here, our research question is whether the striking spatial differences in voting behaviour (including but not limited to the disproportionate strength…

Jan 082022
Failing better in Stata

The Stata idiom capture quietly makes it so that any output from the subsequent command is suppressed, and that even critical failures are happily ignored. Your script soldiers on, and you are none the wiser. I always thought that this is a wonderful metaphor for organisational behaviour. In unrelated news, every other summer, Statacorp comes…

Dec 182021

In Germany’s parliaments, the other parties have created a cordon sanitaire around the AfD – and rightfully so. Deutsche Welle has an interesting article on this subject, with some input from Isabelle Borucki and yours truly. https://www.dw.com/en/germanys-far-right-afd-feels-shunned-by-opponents-in-the-bundestag/a-60151662

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