Mar 312020
MPs under investigation, dying in Germany, quanteda goes 2.0, and academic chapters: 4 links I liked

Germany’s Office for the Protection of the Constitution (i.e. the spooks) begins to build dossiers on 3 sitting MPs for the AfD. All of them are prominent members of the most radical faction within the party (in German) In a landmark ruling, Germany’s highest court declares ban on assisted suicide unconstitutional. Judges say right to […]

Mar 202020
Germany's AfD did not really kick out the wing(nuts)

Update #3 March 25: Looks like we are indeed getting an option 1+2 outcome: Höcke & Kalbitz say they cannot shred the membership list b/c there is none, but tell members to refrain from political activity under the “wing” brand. Obviously, they will otherwise remain very active within the party. Update #2 March 21: The […]

Feb 132020
Sinn Fein wins big in Ireland, German centre-right does deal with the devil™️, and UK journalists: 3 links I liked

Never ever have Sinn Fein (and leftist parties more generally) done so well as in the January 2020 Irish general election. Political journalists in the UK grow some spine and boycott a press conference that was open to a select few only. Everyone is rightfully concerned about the trumpification of UK politics. Provincial centre-right politicians […]

Feb 062020

The election of an FDP politician as minister president of Thuringia made international headlines. One of the outlets that covered the events was Al Jazeera, who interviewed me on the day after the event.

Feb 032020

Shocking insight: the rise of the Radical Right is neither inevitable nor monotonic. Setbacks are real, and so is the rise of left-libertarian parties and the mainstreaming of views that were outragesously liberal just a couple of decades ago (c.f. views on same-sex marriage etc.). It’s a good thing that journalists (they still exist) start […]