Sep 052020
A defection from the #AfD brings the number of parties in Germany's parliament to 8. It could not matter less

When Lucke and his supporters left the AfD in 2015, they founded a new party called ALFA. Because another group with a similar name already existed, they had to change it to LKR, which stands for liberal-conservative reformers. This label neatly encapsulates Lucke’s vision for the AfD. It’s a brand that helped him to establish…

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Sep 012020

Wie wichtig war die sogenannte Fl├╝chtlingskrise f├╝r die AfD? Wie hat sich die Partei entwickelt, und was ist f├╝r die Zukunft zu erwarten? Mit Dietmar Neuerer vom Handelsblatt habe ich ausf├╝hrlich ├╝ber diese und andere Fragen zur AfD gesprochen. [contentcards url="" target="_blank"]

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Jul 242020

Die meisten Rechtspopulisten in Europa versuchen sich von der Geschichte zu distanzieren. Die AfD hingegen umarmt den klassischen Rechtsextremismus. Das kann ihr langfristig schaden. [contentcards url="" target="_blank"]

Jul 112020
German men like stem-cell research, gene-editing. Abortion? Not so much

Men are more positive about (some) reproductive science and technology than women Here is a by-catch finding from my recent article on the micro-foundations of the two-worlds theory of moral policy (full article, ungated). In the article, I look at the effect of a) party identification, b) religiosity, and c) political secularism (a desire for…

Jul 032020
Unmarked police in the US, extremists in the German army, and the legacy of Fascism in Italian architecture: 3 links I liked

Large parts of the GOP are nominally opposed to big government. But they have done nothing to stop the growth of ever more armed police forces – on the contrary. This long read about law enforcement in the US is worrying, but also quite fascinating from a political/administrative science point of view. Over the last…