Jul 292021

Die ARD hat eine spannende Dokumentation zur Radikalisierung der AfD produziert. Ich durfte ein paar Sätze beitragen und zitiere dabei auch Ergebnisse aus unserem Artikel zur Entwicklung der AfD-Wählerschaft. [afdmovie]

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Jul 172021
[Today in Focus] Marina Hyde on five years of watching the political circus

Marina Hyde is my favourite Guardian columnist and quite possibly one of the funniest persons alive. She doesn’t normally do TV or radio but now she’s on Today in Focus and I can actually hear her talking about Brexit & stuff and OMG I’m having a fanboy moment here.

Jun 242021
A guide to Alternative for Germany's donation scandals

Update June 24, 2021 German prosecutors have asked the European Parliament to lift Meuthen’s immunity. In other words, the co-leader of the self-styled law-and-order party has become the object of a criminal investigation. Update April 19, 2019 The prosecutor for Berlin is investigating the AfD’s treasurer over support the party received from the association-for-whatnot (see…

Jun 122021
In a land before time: offprints

Because there is a pandemic, we are improving the home. Because I’ve spent a year in the so-called office (i.e. the box room), the box room office is in particular need of improvement. Because it’s my box room office, it needs an especially good clean-out before there is any possibility of improvement. That’s why I’m…

Jun 042021
Sorry, we got hacked again

Apologies to anyone visiting here who was confronted with links to lotteries, flashing signs, and even (shudder) literal bells and whistles. It’s (by my count) the third time my site got hacked since it went up in flames earlier this year. Why, I hear you ask, would anyone bother? Why go through the trouble of…