Jul 172021
Marina Hyde is my favourite Guardian columnist and quite possibly one of the funniest persons alive. She doesn’t normally do TV or radio but now she’s on Today in Focus and I can actually hear her talking about Brexit & stuff and OMG I’m having a fanboy moment here.
[Today in Focus] Marina Hyde on five years of watching the political circus
Jun 042021

Apologies to anyone visiting here who was confronted with links to lotteries, flashing signs, and even (shudder) literal bells and whistles. It’s (by my count) the third time my site got hacked since it went up in flames earlier this year.

Why, I hear you ask, would anyone bother? Why go through the trouble of hacking a site with only a handful of visitors to install some dubious adverts that will persuade exactly zero people to click/buy/sign up?

Sorry, we got hacked again 1
I always wanted to use one of these images. How stupid of me.

Because it is no bother at all. Because these attacks are not at all personal – like spam comments and emails, they happen automatically, with zero marginal costs. Even if a single person clicks on the evil link, it was worth the minimal effort.

And because I’m a failed sociologist, as opposed to a failed computer scientist, these attacks are bound to happen again. See you then.