Video: policy brief on immigration, local decline, and anti-immigrant backlash

Does local decline drive the radical right vote? Are recent immigrants and other minorities blamed for problems that have nothing to do with them? And, most importantly, how should policymaker address these problems?

My colleague Sarah De Lange presents and discusses headline findings from our SCoRE project at the European Policy Centre in Brussels. Also on the panel are Jolanda Jetten (University of Queensland), who looks at these questions from a social psychology perspective, Marie De Somer, who is Head of the European Migration and Diversity programme at the European Policy Centre, and Judith Sargentini, who is an MEP for GroenLinks.

The full policy brief including our main findings and recommendations is freely available from our website.

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  1. Small hint: Text inserts need at least 2 times the time to read as to be spoken. Either reduce number of inserts or double the lenght of the video.
    However, thank for publishing the brief!


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