Nov 252016

Googling around for a citation Doing serious scholarly work, I stumbled upon this article that was published in Foreign Affairs back in 1997. It would seem that these guys were rather prescient here.


Before you get too excited: On the next page, the article claims that liberal values and democracy are “interwoven in the Western political fabric, [but] are coming apart in the rest of the world. ” Like many others, I’m wondering if this is still a valid assertion. And yes, the warnings about Yeltsin look rather quaint now.

  2 Responses to “The Rise of Illiberal Democracy – in 1997”

  1. RT @kai_arzheimer: The Rise of Illiberal Democracy – in 1997 v

  2. RT @kai_arzheimer: The Rise of Illiberal Democracy – in 1997

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