The Radical Right Research Robot is on Mastodon

Update May 2023: after evil Elon raised the fees for Twitter API use, the crossposter is gone, so the bot is currently inactive on Mastodon. Hopefully, I’ll get around looking into native Mastodon access.

Do you know the Radical Right Research Bot? It’s a jolly bundle of cobbled-together code that exists to promote research on the Radical Right in Europe. Every 7 hours or so, it tweets about a book, a chapter, or an article. Unbelievably, it has more than 1,800 followers and has been around for almost five years now.

RRResRobot loves Mastodon
We are so cute, it’s unbearable

But with everyone and their grandparents migrating to Mastodon (or at least setting up an account just to be on the safe side), people have been asking for a RRRobot presence on that site, too. Well, Sarah has asked, and perhaps one other person. So here it is: the Radical Right Research Bot on Mastodon, waiting for you to follow it.

Right now, it is powered by a service that simply reposts its tweets as ‘toots’ (*shudder*). One of these days, I will may get around to having a hard but hopefully not very long look at the API for native Mastodon support.

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