What are the most important journals for students of the extreme/far/radical/populist right?

The utterly erratic and ridiculously eclectic bibliography on far-right parties and their voters has been online for nearly five years now and contains just under 500 references. Obviously, it’s time for some semi-serious statistical analysis. To kick things off, I’m looking at the distribution of articles across journals, which is dominated by (surprise!) European and comparative outfits.

rightwing photoPhoto by Gueоrgui What are the most important journals for students of the extreme/far/radical/populist right? 1

Here is the full table:

JournalNo of Articles
European Journal of Political Research36
West European Politics29
Party Politics15
Acta Politica12
Electoral Studies11
Comparative Political Studies10
Parliamentary Affairs9
Patterns of Prejudice6
{\”O}sterreichische Zeitschrift f{\”u}r Politikwissenschaft5
Political Psychology5
Scandinavian Political Studies5
Comparative European Politics5
British Journal of Political Science5
American Sociological Review5
European Sociological Review4
Government and Opposition4
Political Studies4
Ethnic and Racial Studies4
Journal of Political Ideologies3
American Journal of Political Science3
Comparative Politics3
Swiss Political Science Review3
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology3
Journal of Social Issues2
Contemporary European History2
K{\”o}lner Zeitschrift f{\”u}r Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie2
Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies2
International Journal of Public Opinion Research2
American Political Science Review2
European Union Politics2
European Political Science Review2
Social Forces2
The Journal of Politics2
Acta Sociologica2
European Journal of Social Theory1
Journal of Civil Society1
Totalitarian Movements \& Political Religions1
Political Behavior1
Dansk Sociologi1
Oxford Economic Papers1
Totalitarian Movements and Political Religions1
East European Politics and Societies1
Comparative Governance and Politics1
Review of Politics1
Rationality and Society1
East European Politics1
The SAIS Review of International Affairs1
Pacific Sociological Review1
Central European Political Studies Review1
Socio-Economic Review1
International Political Science Review1
Studies in Comparative International Development1
Journal of Contemporary European Research1
European Journal of Social Psychology1
Sociology of Religion1
Sociological Quarterly1
American Journal of Sociology1
Political Research Quarterly1
Journal of Peace Research1
Annual Review of Psychology1
Journal of Theoretical Politics1
Die Union1
new community1
German Politics1
Review of Religious Research1
Annual Review of Sociology1
Comparative European Politcs1
Aus Politik und Zeitgeschichte1
Personality and Individual Differences1
International Journal of Urban and Regional Research1
Regional Politics and Policy1
conflict \& communication online1
Social Science Quarterly1
Revue Politique et Parlementaire1
Partisan Review1
International Journal of Comparative Sociology1
Journal of Modern Italian Studies1
Public Opinion Quarterly1
Social Behavior and Personality1
Political Science Quarterly1
Journal of European Public Policy1
Political Communication1
International Journal of Sociology1
Australian Journal of Politics and History1
Theory and Society1

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