R vs Stata

This is me, about once per year, when I bemoan my lack of R-coolness whilst simultaneously enjoying my Stata-efficiency.R vs Stata 1

13 thoughts on “R vs Stata”

  1. Yes! I always recommend stata for anything that happens in a rectangular dataset. Stata is a tool for scienc – R is a programming language and I feel social science is moving towards big data and multiple datasets. Plus it prepares students who will not stay in academia better.

  2. That could get in the way of finishing said PhD ?. In my (limited) experience, switching to R is not hard for proficient Stata users. But the force of habit is strong, and Stata is very robust/concise/efficient for 80-90 per cent of my day-to-day work

  3. I will teach basic R to any proficient stata user teaching in German academia who promises to change his way and teach R to her students afterwards, for free (until I finish my PHD)


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