Nov 252020
What we are reading: Issue salience and the rise of the radical right

What has salience to do with it? In the third week of my reading class, we read this recent paper Dennison, J. (2020). How issue salience explains the rise of the populist right in western europe. International Journal of Public Opinion Research, 32(3), 397–420. The author argues that various explanations for radical right support…

Nov 182020
What we are reading: Party Activism in the  Populist Radical Right

What motivated the members of UKIP? In the second week of my reading class, we had a go at this one. Whiteley, P., Larsen, E., Goodwin, M., & Clarke, H. (2019). Party activism in the populist radical right: the case of the uk independence party. Party Politics, online first. Big guns, and Paul Whiteley…

Nov 112020
What we are reading: The continuous expansion of citizen participation: a new taxonomy

What is this about? Every long, dark, depressing winter term (mid-October to mid-February, thank you very much), I run a reading class for/with my MA students. The rules are simple: I pick a broad topic (in this year’s instance: participation), then I select 12-14 peer-reviewed articles that have been published over the last 20 months…

Sep 052020
A defection from the #AfD brings the number of parties in Germany's parliament to 8. It could not matter less

When Lucke and his supporters left the AfD in 2015, they founded a new party called ALFA. Because another group with a similar name already existed, they had to change it to LKR, which stands for liberal-conservative reformers. This label neatly encapsulates Lucke’s vision for the AfD. It’s a brand that helped him to establish…

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Sep 012020 (

Wie wichtig war die sogenannte Flüchtlingskrise für die AfD? Wie hat sich die Partei entwickelt, und was ist für die Zukunft zu erwarten? Mit Dietmar Neuerer vom Handelsblatt habe ich ausführlich über diese und andere Fragen zur AfD gesprochen. [contentcards url="" target="_blank"]

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