Dec 202019
The 10 most popular posts on this blog in 2019

Yet another end-of-year post It’s that time of the year again. No, I’m not talking about mindless consumerism, pointless over-indulgence and the Great Starbucks War on Christmas. What I’m talking about is my yearly reflection on why I still solo blog in <insert year>, and which posts were the least unpopular. To which the answer […]

Dec 112019
Extremism & the German police, disinformation in the UK, nativism & populism, and the most useful podcast ever: 4 links I liked

In Germany, these problems have been under-estimated, under-reported, and outright downplayed for a very long time: Elite German Police Unit Was Crawling With Far-Right ‘Preppers’ Gearing Up for a Race War If you are worried about the effect of disinformation on democracy, the UK is a very scary place right now: Google bans eight different Tory […]

Nov 292019
A vast majority of Germans sees the AfD as a right-wing extremist party

For the radical right in Europe, Alternative for Germany is an increasingly unusual case In a recent paper published in JCMS, I argue that unlike other German far-right parties, the “Alternative for Germany party” (AfD) managed to avoid being associated with Nazism. The strong presence of establishment figures that previously were (or could have been) members […]

Nov 242019
California vs Russia, Ukrainian bribery, Mr P comes to Little Britain, false flag attack in Germany, and the fire-hose of anti-vaxx lies: 5 links I liked

Over at Crooked Timber, John Quiggin asks an odd yet interesting question: Would Republican voters rather live under a government like that of Russia, or one like that of California? Barbara McQuade, an actual law professor and former US attorney, argues that what the testimonies from the impeachment hearings add up to bribery. Still not sure if […]