Apr 272021
What we are reading: Comparative survey data, random effects and some best practice tips

Working with repeated comparative survey data – almost a howto There is now a bonanza of studies that rely on surveys which are replicated across countries and time, often with fairly short intervals, with the ESS arguably one of the most prominent examples (but also see the “barometer” studies in various regions). Multi-level analysis is…

Apr 262021
More MA reading classes

Traditionally, Germany’s long, gloomy, depressing and generally horrible winter semester ends mid-February. It is followed by a break that slips past us in the blink of an eye and then a long, sweaty, generally drawn-out but gloriously sunny summer term that ends mid-July. And this is where we are now (the beginning, not the end).…

Apr 212021
What we were reading: Weather experience and climate opinion

How important are local weather extremes for citizens’ attitudes towards climate change? Humans are generally stupid and tend to ignore things that seem abstract and will happen in the future (even if the future is not very distant). There is a small-ish literature on how Americans’ climate opinion responds to more extreme/hotter weather. And then…

Apr 192021

The Greens will probably be an important part of the next German government and might even get the chancellorship. I had a virtual chat about the party with Ruairi Casey, who used some of my words. [contentcards url="https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2021/4/19/could-a-green-party-chancellor-lead-germany" target="_blank"]