Jun 122021
In a land before time: offprints

Because there is a pandemic, we are improving the home. Because I’ve spent a year in the so-called office (i.e. the box room), the box room office is in particular need of improvement. Because it’s my box room office, it needs an especially good clean-out before there is any possibility of improvement. That’s why I’m…

Jun 042021
Sorry, we got hacked again

Apologies to anyone visiting here who was confronted with links to lotteries, flashing signs, and even (shudder) literal bells and whistles. It’s (by my count) the third time my site got hacked since it went up in flames earlier this year. Why, I hear you ask, would anyone bother? Why go through the trouble of…

May 232021
https://podcastaddict.com/episode/122602694 (podcastaddict.com)

Sunday afternoon in Germany is the perfect time for contemplation, because there is absolutely nothing else to do. If you want to worry about catastrophic events slightly further in the future than climate change, listen to this wonderful episode of Big Picture Science about the end of everything 😱

May 222021
Four reasons slow scholarship will not change academia by   (Impact of Social Sciences)

For several years the slow scholarship movement has gathered an international following in advocating for a more conscientious slower form of academic work. Arguing against this blanket rejection o…

Filip Vostal thinks that slow scholarship is basically Goop for the academy. I think he is onto something