What is the role of place for populist radical right sentiment, and what does place even mean?

The notion of ‘place’ is currently a hot issue in radical right research. But in many cases, it is not entirely clear what different authors mean by ‘place’. In a recent article, Theresa Bernemann and I take a long hard look at the literature and identify four distinct aspects of ‘place’. We then make use of the geo-referenced data that we collected under the auspices of the SCoRE project to evaluate the relative importance of these four aspects for the distribution of far-right attitudes in Germany. Perhaps unsurprisingly, location in the former GDR and place resentment (the feeling that one’s locality does not get the recognition and resources it deserves) have strong effects, whereas objective indicators of deprivation are of much lesser importance.

The full article has now been published in European Political Science Review (Open Access). Or, if that is too much right now, just watch the video for a two-minute summary.

'Place' and populist radical right sentiment

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