I’m quoted in the Wall Street Journal, and of course, it is about the AfD

Back in August, I had a chat with Elizabeth Findell, a journalist for the Wall Street Journal who is normally based in the US but is currently on a kind of exchange program (you live, you learn). She was working on a longer piece on the resurgence of the far right in Germany, and a sound bite, together with some content, made it into the final manuscript.

“This is uncomfortably close to stuff we have done in this country in the past,” said Kai Arzheimer, a political scientist at Mainz University. “You could say this is a moment of truth, because we now have a party in the national parliament open to working with those who want to abolish democracy.”

https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/once-inoculated-by-its-nazi-past-germany-is-becoming-a-far-right-stronghold/ar-AA1giQ3x (currently not paywalled)

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