Sinn Fein wins big in Ireland, German centre-right does deal with the devil™️, and UK journalists: 3 links I liked

Never ever have Sinn Fein (and leftist parties more generally) done so well as in the January 2020 Irish general election.

Political journalists in the UK grow some spine and boycott a press conference that was open to a select few only. Everyone is rightfully concerned about the trumpification of UK politics.

Provincial centre-right politicians in Thuringia undermine the cordon sanitaire around Germany’s extreme/radical right that has been in place for about 70 years. And they don’t understand why (almost) everyone else thinks they are completely off their rockers. The article is a snapshot of were we stood on February 5, but the shock waves will be felt for months and years.

Bonus track: I wrote a short thread on Twitter that explains why this was such a big thing.


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