ECPR Joint Sessions 2013: It’s Not Easy Being Green

Being German, we have a whole host of national stereotypes to live up to.  Efficiency might have been an obvious and useful choice, but we aimed for sustainability instead. So we offer you a bus/tram/train pass that gives you a week of free local travel for under seven Euros – no need to use a cab or (shudder) bring your own car. The booze and finger food that you will be served at the receptions are locally sourced. We’ve teamed up with Viva Con Agua, a charity that helps communities in the developing world to get access to clean drinking water. For every bottle of water you buy during the Joint Sessions, a donation goes to their projects.  Last and by no means least, we are one of the first major European Political Science conferences to offer child care.

Have we done enough? Not nearly, but we hope it’s a start.



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