4 2024 EU election links, and one to soften the blow

This week, the Internet is full of interesting stuff about the 2024 European elections, which were sort of momentous. Here are four links I liked, and one that helped me to cope.

  1. Over at the Conversation, Amelia Hadfield has a compact summary of what just happened in the European elections. Although the centre still holds, the far-right now has a real chance to flex its muscles. While the centrist EPP and S&D groups by and large kept their grip, the surge of far-right parties, especially in France and Italy (and also, on a lower level, in Germany), could sway EU policies on issues like immigration and climate change. Oops.
  2. How is it possible that Meloni is so successful in Italy? George Newth looks at her clever and successful campaign and so provides a partial answer (and a cautious look to the future).
  3. Shameless plug & a case of ‘told you so’: what we have seen in the 2024 election is mostly in line with what I expected to happen with respect to the far right.
  4. Something to get away from this mess. Nathan Goldwag writes on the moral-political economy of the Shire. The old Internet was full of stuff like this: people giving a lot of thought to the earnest analysis of entirely fictional worlds. We should bring that culture back.
  5. And finally, back to business: my colleague Nils Steiner has a tweet-size analysis of the aggregate relationship between the Green vote and the AfD vote in the 2024 EP election in Germany:


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