Mar 282021
I’m not normally into ethnography & critical theory, but this PhD student’s account of her journey aboard a vast container ship is well worth your time (which you would spend scrolling through Evergreen memes anyway)
The Slow Boat to China (The Disorder Of Things)

The following post is the first in a series of oceanic dispatches from Disorder member Charmaine Chua. She is currently on a 46-day journey on board a 100,000 ton Evergreen container ship starting …

Mar 222021
Interesting. Have you ever appealed an editor’s decision?
The first rule of appealing editors’ publication decisions: nobody talks about appealing editors’ publication decisions by Leonid Tiokhin (The 100% CI)

To round off an eventful week at The 100% CI — after a series of posts on a Red-Team Challenge featuring our own Ruben (Part I, Part II, Part III) — we are pleased to present yet another guest blog: Leonid Tiokhin was desperate enough willing to let us illustrate the inaugural post of his own blog w

Mar 202021
Oh joy, oh fun: looks like the AfD is going to kick off the national campaign with another leadership battle. Will probably come to naught, but might be entertaining nonetheless