Sep 122019
The end of Canadian politeness, relative deprivation, right-wingers go nuclear, and the birth of Linux from a private monopoly: 4 links I liked

Even Canadian politeness has its limits: someone writing for the Globe and Mail thinks that BoJo is really, seriously rubbish. Amusing (and spot on). Want to know what relative deprivation is and does? Look no further: “Germany’s far-right AfD stronghold: Life is good, but ‘people are scared’” Not much to see here, just a far-right […]

Aug 142019
Authoritarian parties, liberal parties, terrorism, and an #rstats distraction: 4 links I liked

Apparently there is a market for left-wing authoritarian parties in Western Europe: “The consequences of supply gaps in two-dimensional policy spaces for voter turnout and political support” The plight of Ciudadanos, and Liberal parties more generally Terrorism does increase with immigration – but only homegrown, right-wing terrorism What a wonderful distraction: doing algebra and calculus […]

Jul 042019
Greece going to the polls, the invention of Essex, and fake Trump supporters: 3 links I liked

Greece is going to the polls this coming Sunday. Zoe Alipranti thinks she knows who is going to win “The invention of Essex: how a county became a caricature” is an excellent feature about the political economy of one (seriously under-appreciated) county. Some Trump supporters are actually stock-photo/video models. Are you surprised?