Jun 232019

The “Alternative for Germany” began its political life as a softly eurosceptic breakaway from the political mainstream but has changed beyond all recognition. Using a very large dataset covering the full 2013-17 period, Carl Berning and I trace the transformation of the AfD’s electorate, which now fits the somewhat stereotypical radical right template. Read the […]

Jun 212019
Mad Christian Democrats, the AfD's internal conflicts, useless US polls, and the Wellcome Monitor: four links I liked

On a very slow news day, two third-tier politicians for the centre-right CDU phantasise over future coalitions with the “moderates/liberals” within the AfD (where would they find them?). Ah yes, they also want to re-unite “the National” and “the Social”, which, by the lego-like greatness of the German language, becomes the “National-Social”. James F. Downes […]

May 272019

Auch bei der Europwahl 2019 war die AfD in den neuen Ländern außerordentlich erfolgreich. Mit Blick auf die bisherige Entwicklung der AfD in den neuen Ländern ist dies wenig verwunderlich. Das Handelsblatt hat mit etlichen Ökonomen über die Lage gesprochen und am Ende sogar einen Politikwissenschaftler nach seiner Meinung gefragt 😉

May 272019
Regional support for the

The AfD was founded near Germany’s financial centre of gravity (Frankfort) by members of the old western elites. But early on, the eastern states of Brandenburg, Saxony, and Thuringia became important for the further development of the party. It was here, during the 2014 state election season, that the AfD began to toy (very reluctantly […]

May 262019
The EP 2019 brings all the (neo-fascist) boys to the yard

Germany – no EP electoral threshold for the last time There are currently 111 ‘political associations’ registered with Germany’s federal electoral commission. 41 of them (counting the CDU and the CSU separately) are fielding candidates in the upcoming European elections.Why are they doing it? Narcissism aside, this is a national election that is held without […]