Jun 232019

The “Alternative for Germany” began its political life as a softly eurosceptic breakaway from the political mainstream but has changed beyond all recognition. Using a very large dataset covering the full 2013-17 period, Carl Berning and I trace the transformation of the AfD’s electorate, which now fits the somewhat stereotypical radical right template. Read the full article, or watch the highlights in just under 90 seconds.

How the AfD and their voters veered to the Radical Right, 2013-17
Watch this video on YouTube.

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  30 Responses to “Video: The AfD’s transformation, 2013-2017”

  1. Bei so Videos und wissenschaftlicher Arbeit ist es immer wieder erhellend, Sie als Dozent zu haben!

  2. Typical German efficiency – it took our professorial “we’re simply free marketeers with Serious Concerns about sovereignty” 25 years to make the same transition.

  3. RT @kai_arzheimer: Video: the AfD’s transformation, 2013-2017

  4. RT @kai_arzheimer: Video: the AfD’s transformation, 2013-2017



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