A Very Bavarian Campaign Poster

2013 campaign poster for the Bavarian (Independence) Party

In my very occasional series on odd campaign posters (are there any others?), here is a particularly fine specimen from Bavaria. The Bayernpartei have their eyes set on (drumroll) Bavarian independence. Their decline began in the 1950s, and they have not been represented in parliament since the 1960s. But that does not distract them from fielding candidates for the upcoming state election, which will be held on September 15, a week before the Bundestag election. They also have wikipedia pages in 18 different languages including Boarisch, the Bavarian dialect. Hey, they even do QR codes.

The ass (sorry) in the left panel is a fairy tale-coded reference to all those German funds going to “Europe”, the slogan in the right panel translates as “Because Bavaria can go it alone”. The Bavarian Lion in the middle is simply your average lion from Bavaria. The party’s projected vote share is about 1 per cent.

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