Sep 142013
I finally got around to clean/update the code for my model that pools the 2013 German pre-election polls, estimates latent party support and comes up with the most marvellous predictions (TM). You may download it (complete with the most recent version of the polling data) from my dataverse. If you spot a bug or some other problem, please drop me a line.

I will be back soon with the latest polls.

Jul 172013
Replication data for our forthcoming Political Analysis paper on our new, multinomial accuracy measure for bias in opinion surveys (e.g. pre-election polls) has just gone online at the PA dataverse. So if you want to gauge the performance of French pollsters over the 2012 presidential campaign (or cannot wait to re-run our simulations of B_w‘s sampling distribution), download our data and start playing.

A current version of our Stata add-on surveybias is included in the bundle. Alternatively, you can install the software into you personal ado dir by typing ssc install surveybias.

Sep 232010
Someone asked me for the syntax/data required to replicate my old Electoral Studies piece on party identification in Germany 1977-2002. Its slightly preposterous title not withstanding, as of today it holds a proud 18th rank in Electoral Studies’ list of its current “Top 25 hottest articles” (bringing Web 2.0 and the sciences together was always bound to end up in disaster). So in the very unlikely event that you have been holding your breath for this, breath out: I finally got around to de-clutter my old files and uploaded the replication information to my dataverse:

Kai Arzheimer, 2010, “Replication data for: Dead Men Walking? Party Identity in Germany 1977-2002”, hdl:1902.1/15091 UNF:5:AkxnvIlPgabqb2zsZ39k1A==