Political beliefs & multi-partyism, plagiarising politicians, the robustness of Twitter, and Alex Jones: 4 links I liked

1 How do parents transmit their political beliefs to their offspring? In 1950s America, the answer was simple: party identification. However, 2020s Europe, party systems have become highly fragmented and volatile – nowhere more than in the Netherlands. This blog neatly summarises some cool new research on the transmission of political beliefs in Dutch families.

2 What is it about German politicians and PhDs? First, why do so many politicians think that they need a PhD? Second, why do they often plagiarise (wait, what? That’s simple, right?)?. The latest politician whose work has come under scrutiny is the AfD’s co-leader Alice Weidel (article in German).

3 Bluesky is officially the new home of PolSci (PolSky?) Twitter, and Mastodon is like the LibDems: fundamentally right, socks-and-sandals wearing, and boring (yes, I’m still a member). But I’m still on Twitter, and I’m not the only one. Tyler Cowen has this short note, in which he claims that Twitter is not just surviving, but actually thriving. Much controversy ensued.

4 Speaking of Twitter and its new leadership, Alex Jones is back, there and on various other platforms. This article in the New Statesman has you covered If you are wondering why Jones’s return is a bad thing(tm) and how it matters.

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