2 invite code for Bluesky (but Twitter is fine)

Twitter may be burning, but I’m not leaving yet (as I have said a thousand times before). Still, it is good to have alternatives, and so I set up an account on Mastodon back in November ’22 when we all felt the evil presence of You-Know-Who.

But much as I like the ideas behind Mastodon (and much as I want to like using it), I still find it a bit boring. It is a nicer place, there is far less vitriol, people are thoughtful and post interesting stuff, and it is not at all addictive.

2 invite code for Bluesky (but Twitter is fine) 1

More recently, many of my Twitter buddies began moving to Bluesky, so I was quite happy when I was given an invitation code a few weeks ago. Bluesky at least looks very much like Twitter, and the recent influx of Political Scientists is massive, so it feels like this specific community is finally embarking on their exodus from the Muskoverse.

Update: codes are no longer required, but you may grab one for its sentimental value. It’s basically like an NFT now. As of January 2024, Bluesky is still invitation-only, but you can join me there by using one of these invitation codes.

Update: While the initial codes are all gone now, I will add any new ones as I get them.

  • bsky-social-f6juk-qgmgv
  • bsky-social-6ldzk-yzule
  • bsky-social-tabsx-vcmth
  • bsky-social-lcab4-u4ss7
  • bsky-social-omnxi-f4lll
  • bsky-social-yw33k-qofqz
  • bsky-social-eqy2x-mwn5k
  • bsky-social-55p6u-4bhp2
  • bsky-social-yz7q2-xjoi4
  • bsky-social-c274j-isxet

2 thoughts on “2 invite code for Bluesky (but Twitter is fine)”

  1. @kaiarzheimer The question is… should I check out the other place? I have an account at the other place but don’t like to have to switch between social networks since I’m not that social at all… one social network is enough. Jack Dorsey is not to be trusted.

    • Can’t help you with that question. In terms of principles & technology, Mastodon is more attractive, but many in my Twitter bubble are now on Bluesky, so the community is better (for me).As a result, I find myself checking three apps now instead of one 🙃.


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