Nine Circles of (Social) Scientific Hell

A friend sent me the link to this very short article in Perspectives on Psychological Science that use precious journal space to highlight a lot of rather disturbing parallels between (social) science and Dante’s Inferno in creative ways. It would seem that we are all sinners, which, on second thought, is hardly news. For once, the article is not behind a pay-wall which reminds me of a glaring omission in the piece: there is no mention of the 99 extra circles reserved for predatory publishers.

3 thoughts on “Nine Circles of (Social) Scientific Hell”

  1. “All Being within this order, by the laws
    of its own nature is impelled to find
    its proper station round its Primal Cause.
    Thus every nature moves across the tide
    of the great sea of being to its own port,
    each with its given instinct as its guide.”
    Dante Alighieri, Paradiso, Canto I Every cloud has a silver lining

    • “I saw and I knew the soul of him,
      who cowardly made the great refusal.”
      Canto III, lines 59-60
      This is clearly about peer review.


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