ChatGPT is trying to replace me

It has been said1 that Johann Sebastian Bach died when he introduced a theme based on the notes B (flat), A,C, and H (that’s B for you, Anglos) into his last and unfinished fugue. The point of this story (if there is one) is probably that recursion is inherently scary.

ChatGPT is trying to replace me 2

Because I’m clearly not in the same league as Bach (realistically: not even taking a leisurely stroll near the same stadium), I thought I might as well take a risk when I had access to the latest version of ChatGPT. And so I asked the machine to write a paragraph in the style of one Kai Arzheimer. Here is the result:

As the kaleidoscope of party alignments continues to blur old boundaries, the question of radical right success remains as tantalising as ever. Delving into this conundrum, one cannot overlook the impact of issue salience and the role of political entrepreneurs in shaping the discourse. Yet, we must bear in mind that these are but pieces of the larger puzzle that is the zeitgeist of our time. #PoliticalScience #RadicalRight #ElectoralPolitics

The hashtags at the end seem to suggest that this abomination was trained on my tweets. Otherwise it’s…less good than the fake Inglehart and the Ersatz Goodwin? Please? Everyone is replaceable, but some more easily than others.

1‘Said by who?’, I hear you cry. The better question is: ‘Said by whom?’

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