Mar 262015
Putsch in the AfD?
Various media report this morning that the AfD caucus in the Thuringia state parliament has asked two of their MPs – Jens Krumpe and Oskar Helmerich – to resign their select committee memberships and/or has withdrawn the whip from them. Both had refused to sign the “Erfurt Resolution” that was initiated by their leader Björn Höcke (heavy Ümlaut alert), but had rather given their support to the competing “Germany Resolution”. Meanwhile, Spiegel Online has unearthed a blogger who claims that Höcke has written pseudonymously for a party paper of the right-wing extremist NPD. The caucus has not made a comment on any of this, but took this golden opportunity to issue a statement on the negative impact of bureaucracy on Thuringian artisans.

In related news, the Erfurt Resolution has now accumulated approximately 1650 signatures (according to them) and 1767 likes. The Germany Resolution has 675 likes and has not yet posted an update on the number of signatures.

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  1. […] major asset of the pre-Petry AfD was its disconnect from the Extreme Right. But the AfD in Thuringia has always been a funny bunch, and Lucke tried (without success) to remove its leader Björn Höcke […]

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  3. new blog: A Semi-Official Split in the (Thuringia) #AfD – kai arzheimer

  4. RT @kai_arzheimer: new blog: A Semi-Official Split in the (Thuringia) #AfD – kai arzheimer

  5. new blog: A Semi-Official Split in the (Thuringia) #AfD – kai arzheimer


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