A New Religious Cleavage In Austria?

ZEIT online fill their virtual pages with a piece on the plight of the Austrian Pastafarians, who strive for legal recognition by the state. Apparently the cult of the FSM has risen to such prominence that a ÖVP (Austrian Christian Democrats) politician felt obliged to tweet a picture of their party president shaking hands with the pope, as opposed to wearing a colander o one’s head. The colander in question was worn by Niko Alm, arguably Austria’s most prominent Pastafarian, who also happens to be a member of NEOS, the new liberal party, and the backdrop for these shenanigans is of course the #EP2014 campaign. If this will do the ÖVP any good is anyone’s guess. Here is the link to the ZEIT article (in German), and, more importantly, the picture that allegedly illustrates the difference between ÖVP and NEOS.

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