Dec 072014
Various news outlets reported this afternoon that there had been talks, perhaps even agreement between the (state) CDU and the (state) AfD to prevent Ramelow from being elected Minister-President. Obviously, nothing came out of this (neither party put a candidate on the slate), but still: Wither the blessing of the leadership, Merkel has created a cordon sanitaire between CDU and the AfD. Talks with the intention of forming a coalition, or at least gaining AfD support for a CDU minority government would be an act of open rebellion.Thuringia photoPhoto by Tjflex2 More on Thuringia: A CDU-AfD-Pact? 1

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  1. More on #Thuringia: A #CDU #AfD Pact? – kai arzheimer

  2. More on #Thuringia: A #CDU #AfD Pact? – kai arzheimer

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