Joint Sessions of Workshops 2013 at the University of Mainz

The Department of Political Science at the University of Mainz is hosting the 41st Joint Sessions of Workshops in March 2013. The local website is here: Joint Sessions of Workshops 2013 local website.

Sep 142012

Have you already submitted your paper for the Joint Sessions 2013 at Mainz? We have updated the pages that provide local information on transport, accommodation, and the City of Mainz. There is even a neat GoogleMap (also accessible from your mobile) showing the conference hotels, airports and relevant railway stations. We will add further information on venues, excursions etc. over the coming weeks.

Jul 142012

The list of workshops that have been accepted for the 2013 Joints Sessions at the University of Mainz is now available on the new ECPR site. The call for papers should go out before August, with a deadline of November 1. In the meanwhile, we’re working on getting the local website up and running.

Update: Click here for the ECPR Joint Sessions 2013 local website, and here for more JS 2013 related blogs and updates.

ECPR Joint Sessions of Workshops 2013: Academic Programme 3