Germany 1990-2011: Some Extra 700 Cases of (Attempted) Right-Wing Murder?

Following the revelations about the forces’ disastrous failure to uncover (let alone catch) the murderous ‘Nationalsozialistischer Untergrund’ terror group, federal investigators have launched a fresh probe into some 3300 unsolved cases of (attempted) murder. According to Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung, they have identified 746 crimes that that could have been committed by right-wingers for political reasons. Official records. These cases will be referred back to regional police forces for further investigations. So far, the official number of right-wing murders since 1990 was in the region of some 60 cases. Seriously (though many people doubted this figure).

Ross & Cromarty Constabulary
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Here is the link to the original story (in German).

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