May 032011
The German government’s spokesman now has his own twitter account (@regsprecher). The German government’s spokesman also has his own little twittergate, since he surprised his global audience yesterday by claiming that ‘Obama is responsible for thousands ofGerman Government confuses Obama and Osama innocent deaths’. What a difference a letter makes.


  3 Responses to “German government: Obama responsible for thousands of deaths

  1. At least this representative of the German government typed it rather than cut-and-pasted…

  2. Kai, I don't know German, what was meant to be said and what letter should have changed/been included?

    • Michael, the offending letter is 'b', as opposed to 's'. The government guy tried to say that Osama (bin Laden) was responsible for these atrocities. But what he actually said was that it was (Barack) Obama's fault. Outch.

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