Aug 122009
The European Consortium for Political Science (ECPR), for all purposes and intents the European Political Science Association, has a tiny problem: at their last meeting, they faced “a shortage of candidates” for the Executive Committee. To their credit, they faced it head on and set up a blog to discuss  “Constitutional and Electoral in (of?) the ECPR”. So far, there is just the inaugural post but I’m sure there is more to come.

ECPR sets up a blog 1

  2 Responses to “ECPR sets up a blog

  1. There is also a special roundtable foreseen at the ECPR General Conference in Potsdam on 10-12 September regarding this topic:

  2. […] dear: Imagine there is an executive committee and nobody came! I mean: In PolSci? Wouldn’t a bit of field work enhance your understanding of the subject? […]


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