A New Approach to the Expenses Scandal: sleaze@home

The publication of thousands of claims by members of parliament that have the most interesting parts are blacked out has triggered a new wave of outrage over members expenses. Now, even the Guardian has to recognise that the Telegraph was instrumental in uncovering the scale of the mess we’re in. And so, in a bid to keep pace, they have released an innovative crowdsourcing tool that mirrors the principle behind NASA’s “Clickworkers” project (and Amazon’s Mechanical Turk). Over at http://mps-expenses.guardian.co.uk/ you can wade through 457,153 pages of claims and help the good people of the Guardian to identify the juiciest bits.

The task is daunting. My MP (Bob Russell) alone has put in a mere 800 pages of  claims and receipts.  But you can win a duck island.

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