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Feb 032020

Shocking insight: the rise of the Radical Right is neither inevitable nor monotonic. Setbacks are real, and so is the rise of left-libertarian parties and the mainstreaming of views that were outragesously liberal just a couple of decades ago (c.f. views on same-sex marriage etc.). It’s a good thing that journalists (they still exist) start reporting on these facts. One of them was writing a nice, rounded article on recent setbacks for the Radical Right in Europe and asked for some input, and so a couple of quotes made it into the final product.

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Jan 312020

Das Handelsblatt hat mit Lothar Probst, Matthias Quent und mir über die möglichen Konsequenzen einer Beobachtung der AfD durch den Verfassungsschutz gesprochen.

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Jan 272020

In der AfD prallen marktradikale und wohlfahrtschauvinistische Vorstellungen zur Rentenversicherung aufeinander. Das Handelsblatt berichtet, dazu gibt es ein paar Wortlaut-Zitate von mir.

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Dec 022019

Mit Dietmar Neuerer vom Handelsblatt habe ich ein langes Gespräch über die Neuwahl des AfD-Bundesvorstands geführt. Dabei ging es auch um die Rolle Alexander Gaulands.

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Nov 152019

Mit Dietmar Neuerer vom Handelsblatt habe ich darüber gesprochen, warum die Abwahl Stephan Brandners überfällig war.

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Nov 032019

For all its (perceived) shortcomings, to me the BBC remains the epitome of all that is good and great about public radio. This is why I always find it exciting, exhilarating and also slightly scary to talk to them.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to chat with Carolyn Quinn on the PM show about the city of Dresden declaring a “Nazi emergency”. If you can’t get enough of my dulcet voice, you can listen in below for the next 30 days (I’m on from 17:50). Or you can click here for a bootlegged excerpt of the interview that I preserved for eternity (or rather for as long as the lease for my server runs).