Political Interest Furthers Partisanship in England, Scotland, and Wales


1. Introduction In the field of public opinion and voting behaviour, few concepts have stimulated as many analyses and have aroused as much debate as that of party identification. The idea of a durable “identification” with a political party has been a staple in American electoral studies since the 1940s and is at the core […]

‘Dead Men Walking?’ Party Identification in Germany, 1977-2002

'Dead Men Walking?' Party Identification in Germany, 1977-2002

1. Introduction Since 1949, German political parties have apparently operated under very favorable conditions. One of the foremost articles of the Federal Constitution (which was framed almost exclusively by former party politicians who survived the terror of the Nazis) secures them a guaranteed role in the political process and grants them special privileges.1 More important […]

Mikrodeterminanten des Wahlverhaltens: Parteiidentifikation

Mikrodeterminanten des Wahlverhaltens: Parteiidentifikation

Im sozialpsychologischen Modell gilt die Parteiidentifikation (PI) als wichtigste Determinante der Wahlentscheidung. Das Gefühl, einer politischen Partei in besonderer Weise verbunden zu sein, so die Theorie, ist auf individueller Ebene über Jahre, wenn nicht über Jahrzehnte hinweg stabil und wirkt bei der Wahrnehmung der aktuellen politischen Lage wie eine Art Filter. Nur dann, wenn die […]