Research Profiles


There is no single “facebook for academics” site yet, so I try to maintain profiles on those that look promising. Please feel free to follow my work on any of these:

  • For communication/networking
    • I’m KaiArzheimer on This profile is tied to my former academic home at Essex, because I cannot figure out how to register a joint affiliation with I have essentially given up on this profile.
    • Methodspace is great but slightly overwhelming. My profile is here.
    • Cross-breeding and Linkedin gave us ResearchGate
    • And then, for what ever reason, there is Loop
  • Research identity management is now a recognised problem for scholars (at least for folks with surnames more common than my own). There are various schemes supposed to deal with this, so
  • I have finally deleted my profile on Linkedin. Linkedin is cold than Mordor, noisy, and of no use to me.
  • And you can also follow my updates via twitter and facebook.
  • I also have profile pages at various sites such as Mendeley, bibsonomy, and getcited, but those are essentially unmaintained, because I stopped using these services and it became too much of a chore to regularly update my information.