Current Courses

Europeanisation of Germany or Germanification of Europe?

By the end of term, students should (at the very least) have a basic knowledge of European Union policy making, be familiar with (various) notions of ‘europeanisation’ and ‘multi-level governance’, understand the impact of the European Union on politics in Germany, and gauge the influence of Germany in Europe.

Previous Courses in Germany

Political Integration after Lisbon

An introduction to the institution and policies of the European Union after Lisbon

The Political System of the United Kingdom

An introduction to the basic features of the British polity

The Populist/Radical/Extreme Right in Europe

Parties of the Extreme, Radical, Populist Right are now an almost universal feature of West European politics. This seminar aims at a comparative survey of these parties and their voters

Theory and Measurement of Democratic Attitudes

According to most theories of democratisation, a democratic political culture is essential. The content and measurement of democratic attitudes, however, is by no means trivial.

Unified Germany in Perspective

Unification has changed the once hyper-stable German polity more profoundly than many professional observers would have expected. More than 20 years after the fact, this seminar looks at various core features of the German system (e.g. the party system, civil society, federalism, Rhenanian capitalism) to assess the lasting impact of the FRG/GDR merger.

Essex 2006-2009

Cardiff 2002

Glasgow 2000