Leader of German “National Democrats” (NPD) Resigns

Holger Apfel, the leader of Germany’s right-wing extremist National Democratic Party (NPD), resigns. Apfel’s move adds to the NPD’s many woes: The NPD is very nearly bankrupt as a result of financial irregularities. Moreover, the party’s constitutionality is currently being investigated by the Federal Constitutional Court. These proceedings could result in a ban of the NPD.

Retro-Blogging Research: Rhineland-Palatinate, Lakatos, Turkey & Political Opportunity Structure

Every now and then, I spend a merry evening pulling half-forgotten manuscripts/preprints into this not-so-new website. Here is tonight’s potpourri

What’s the difference between BNP/UKIP voters?

Colleagues/friends Matt Goodwin and Jocelyn Evans have created quite a stir with their report on the attitudes of BNP and UKIP supporters/voters. Obviously, UKIP is not happy at all about being lumped together with what remains of Nick Griffin’s party. Being introduced as a ‘polite alternative’ to the BNP (albeit with a rhetorical question mark)…

Random thoughts on right-wing terrorism in Germany

Unless you spent the last couple of days under a rock, you will have heard about the terrible series of (at least) ten neo-Nazi murders that has stunned Germany. In my view, three things are particularly remarkable about this crime. First, the mainstream media including the public broadcasters and the left-liberal press refer to the…

Review of Tim Spier’s "Modernisierungsverlierer": Die Wählerschaft rechtspopulistischer Parteien in Westeuropa (in German)

I’ve just finished a review of Tim Spier’s new book on the electorates of the Western European populist right (Modernisierungsverlierer: Die Wählerschaft rechtspopulistischer Parteien in Westeuropa (in German))

The Radical Right in Perspective: Program (ECPR conference 2009)

Here is the (almost) finalised program for the our section on the Radical Right in Perspective, organised under the auspices of the ECPR’s 5th General Conference (Potsdam, September 10-12), boasting about 50 papers.

New Blog on the German 2009 Elections

Colleagues Andrea Römmele and Thorsten Faas have set up a new blog that will cover the many German elections of 2009 (seats in the federal parliament, several state parliaments, local councils as well as the presidency are all up for grabs) and asked me to contribute. How could I resist them? “Wahlen nach Zahlen” (voting…