The Political Science Peer-Review Survey

Peer-Reviewing Manuscripts for Political Science Journals

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Publishing articles in respected (i.e. peer-reviewed) journals is not only a means for disseminating the results of our research, but has also become an important indicator of our value on the job market. While the process of  (double-blind) peer-review is often criticised, there is very little factual information available. The aim of our small-scale survey on peer reviewingis to shed some light into the black box by surveying your experience (both as reviewer and author) with the process. The Political Science Peer Review Survey is now (March 15, 2010) officially over. We will disseminate the cleaned data as soon as possible.

Who is behind the Peer-Review Survey?

We are a group of political scientists from universities in Britain (Essex, Keele, Salford) and Germany (Mannheim, Mainz).